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After-School Online March 26

Subscriptions and Podcasts

Science and Math

But Why This semi-weekly NPR “Kids and Family” podcast digs into life’s pressing questions, like “How Do People Fall Asleep?” and “Do Animals Get Married?” This podcast does cover some topical issues, such as the COVID-19, so some parents might want to pre-screen or discuss the podcasts. Technically, these aren’t all Science and Math podcasts, but … close enough.


Rock Podcast.  Spare the Rock is a weekly radio show out of  KUTX 98.9, Austin.  This web link takes you to their blog, where if you scroll down you will find their most recent playlist.  Now, we put this under movement for a reason, so grab your phone, connect with your friends, and throw a virtual dance party.

Art and Literature

Today’s reading subscriptions will appeal to younger children. To make this suitable for older readers, consider having them create their own read-aloud recordings to share with younger children. They should think about how they will introduce and conclude their reading, and how they will use vocal tone to make it interesting.

Story Podcast Circleround is a weekly podcast from WBUR 90.9 Boston.  The website includes links to coloring books and soundtracks. 

Kids’ Books Read Aloud. If listening to read-alouds doesn’t work for you, this YouTube series features read-along books.

After-school Online Activities During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Quick Daily Links to Activities Using Readily Available Supplies.

We do what we do because we are well aware not only of the benefits of engaging in enriching activities, but also of the risks of not engaging in them. Risks that have been identified include substance abuse, obesity, premature sexual behavior, and academic failure. The COVID-19 Pandemic is resulting in an unprecedented out-of-school time and isolation for children and youth.

After-School Online. We have created an After-School Online web page on which we will post enrichment activities daily. These activities cover three broad themes: Science and Math, Movement, Art and Literature.

Each posting includes one adaptive activity for children and youth with differing abilities. Many of the other activities are adaptable or accessible.

You can access these daily postings here on our website, on Facebook (Enrichment Alliance of Virginia), Instagram (enrichmentalliance).